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Content Intelligence Consulting & Cross Media

Content Development

We specialize in the development of content for social media and digital signage. We offer content stimulation strategies and targeted content that adapts to a predefined media calendar, company objectives, social changes and current events.



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Let Dr. ZDM help cure your symptoms by training YOUR professionals HOW to be more EFFICIENT at work and ENABLE them to be
VALUE-ADDED assets and PASSIONATE about your company.

These classes will enable your professionals to be more educated in specific areas and apply solutions to their challenges. Participants will leave these classes motivated and rewarded through innovative ideas and new perspectives about how to take their jobs to new levels of understanding. Finally, they will learn how to embrace their responsibilities to reinforce the current success of your company.

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We engage your brand with your customers

We are the full marketing and advertising department of Zero Drop Media Group with import and export consulting services purely focusing on being responsive to your business.


Empowering people through video

We are the full video production and short film department specializing in a wide variety of video content. The department applies its years of broadcast production and storytelling experience to projects within all ranges of production budgets. We also offer post-production services, intelligent content creation for digital signage, 3D productions and rendering services.


Educational events to enrich your mind

Castle Bridge Events offers events, counseling, educational seminars and life coaching classes. In addition, we serve companies with leadership and marketing classes and provide focus group sessions for case studies and research. We engage with people to educate, share knowledge, and serve businesses with their marketing needs.

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content experts in digital signage

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